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Craig Owen talks through how he used the 'Hidden Histories Toolkit' to research, create and share a short film - using his smartphone - about his great-grandfather Ally Price, as a tribute 100 years after he died in Passchendaele in September 1917 (film link below)

Hidden Histories

Through 2016-18, Wales for Peace will be supporting volunteers, schools and community groups across Wales to explore their hidden histories, and to start sharing their stories publicly to bring together Wales' 'peace heritage' story.This 'Hidden Histories' area has been put together to guide you through the process of exploring and producing your own projects, with links to useful online references and resources to make it as easy as possible - and to develop fun and transferable skills along the way!

1. Planning (deciding on a product, topic and perspective - and planning your project)

2. Research (using Online and Offline sources)

3. Record (Interviewing people, Digitising documents / images or recording Oral Histories)

4. Writing / Editing (for Blogs, feature article for community / local media, study essays or dissertations)

5. Present (Digital Storytelling / short films, presentation packages and animation)

6. Share (Online publication and promotion through Peace Map and Social Media)

Downloadable Forms


Peace Heritage Training Guide for Volunteers 

This pack accompanies WCIA's Peace Heritage Training for facilitators working with digital volunteers and community contributors, with 'self-guidance', worksheets and resource links.


Hidden Histories Guide for Schools & Community Groups

This short and simplified toolkit is for teachers and community facilitators to download and use with schools groups or individuals undertaking self-led hidden histories projects.

Download (English)  Lawrlwytho (Cymraeg)

Documentary Project Workbook

Photographer Lee Stow shares advice for young photographers who plan to develop a documentary project. Lee's insights and tips give professional context to our step-by-step practical guide and video.

More        Workbook        Video

'Young People Voicing Peace' Schools Workbook

This short 'digital stories' practical workbook was used by school groups and teachers working with WCIA and Ffotogallery on the 'Young People Voicing Peace' project in Summer 2016.

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