Remembering for Peace: Book of Remembrance at Oriel Ynys Mon, Anglesey

During July and August 2016, the national Book of Remembrance for WW1 will be exhibited at Oriel Ynys Mon, Anglesey in partnership with the Wales for Peace project, to coincide with the Eisteddfod coming to Anglesey for Summer 2017.

The Book, in ornate calligraphy, lists over 35,000 fallen soldiers connected to Wales, and will be at the cnetrepiece of a moving exhibition exploring the impact of WW1 on Anglesey: 

"Bara Brith a Menyn Cartref" 

This is a rare opportunity to see the Book as it is normally safeguarded in pristine condition by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, in the crypt at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff.

The WW1 exhibition ' at Oriel Mon is one in a series to coincide with the Wales Remembers programme, and includes an opportunity for the public to transcribe names of the fallen as a “digital act of remembrance” in a 2 year, volunteer-led project with ther National Library of Wales.

Fiona Wynn Owens, Volunteering Coordinator with WCIA's Wales for Peace projevt, said: “We are delighted to support Oriel Mon's exhibition 'Bara Brith a Menyn Cartref', by bringing the original WW1 Book of Remembrance as a rare national treasure. The nation is indebted to the National Library of Wales and People’s Collection Wales for scanning the pages, allowing us to make the Book digitally accessible for future generations. We encourage the public to attend this exhibition, to transcribe names of the fallen from the Book of Remembrance, and also to discover some fascinating local WW1 heritage associated with Ynys Mon.”

National Treasure the WW1 Book of Remembrance at centrepiece of Oriel Mon's fascinating exhibition 'Bara Brith a Menyn Cartref', exploring the impact of WW1 on Anglesey.


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