Temple of Peace and Health and WCIA

The Welsh Centre for International Affairs

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The WCIA’s history is closely linked with the history of the building we occupy: the Temple of Peace and Health in Cardiff’s civic centre. For further information about the Temple venue itself and venue hire, please see the dedicated website at www.templeofpeaceandhealth.com.

Explore the Peace Heritage of the Temple and its contribution to Welsh internationalism over the last 100 years.

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The WCIA was founded in 1973, while the history of CEWC and UNA Wales (now part of the same charity) stretches backto the 1940s. Throughout that time, the overall purpose of our work has remained consistent: to get people thinking, talking, and doing things about important global issues.

Our methods for doing so have, of course, evolved over the years, and we have seen some notable successes:

- Responsibility for the UK Freedom from Hunger Campaign in the 1970s, administering major projects in India and Africa Fundraising for a Wales-Lesotho Link, leading later to the establishment of Dolen Cymru

- Welcoming high-level guests, including the first visits of a UN Secretary General to Wales (1983) and Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2012)

-Hosting the 1995 and 2006 World Schools Debating Championships

- Involving over 200,000 young Welsh people in globally focused events and activities

- Delivering major projects on Wales and the Spanish Civil War, global citizenship education, and the Philosophy for Children teaching method.

Today’s WCIA is a result of these successes, the work of our team, and the context of the world as it is now. What has emerged is an organisation with a number of distinct strengths: We have internationalist values but are resolutely non-partisan, making us a ‘safe’ forum for the public, governments, businesses and schools We work across a wide spectrum of international issues, including poverty, peace and justice, sustainability and human rights We deliver a healthy mixture of core services and ambitious projects.

We are connected with many other globally-focused organisations, and have forged strong partnerships with schools, universities and other charities. We have a track record of success in our educational work. We manage a vital asset in the Temple of Peace and Health, hosting other organisations and providing a venue for many external events We have a distinctive brand and high quality online presence

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